Sharon Tate
Sharon, 85in x 63in, oil on linen
Did your Forget (to Educate the Orphan?
48x60in Oil on Linen 2019
You are the meaning of Love, 24x36, oil on panel
Postcard from Vegas, 48inx60in, oil on linen
Birkinhead, 30x40, oil on panel
30x40in Oil on Panel 2018
To Rise with Love 84x64in oil on linen
Binary Joe, 36x38in, oil on panel
Permanent Colette, 36x48in, oil on panel 2018
Hustler Bunny, 16x20in, oil on linen
Madonna and Child, 88x73in, oil on linen
Lee, 72x66in, oil on linen
The Dorchester, Room 5420, 24x36in, O/P, 2015
Election, 10x10in, oil on linen
The Putting of Secularists, 10x10in
The Tea Room, 10x10in, oil on panel
Porn Lillie, 10x10in, oil on panel
Duel, 30x40in, oil on panel
Oh Claire, 24x36in, oil on panel
futurebeauty, 18x24, oil on panel
Father, 18x24in, oil on panel
Mother, 18x24in, oil on panel
Stardust, 18x24in, oil on panel