Barbie X
18x24 conte on paper
Study of Marie A, 18x24 conte on paper
various sketches
Various sketches
Twiggy X 18x24in conte on paper
Various Sketches
Various Sketchs
studio pic
studio pic
studio pic
Various Sketches
X Girls various
X Girls
Marilyn X, conte
Underpainting, Flesh Totes
BirkinHead 18x24 conte
Donation, Dwight School
Various Drawings
Various Drawings
Flesh Totes Study
Early Sketch, Flesh Totes
Frequency 101 Exhibit
Frequency 101 Exhibit
Donations LIC ARTS 10x10
Donation 10x10
Anna, 8x8in
Various Sketches
Various Sketches
Accident, oil study 30x30
Various Drawings
Underpainitng, Father
LIC ARTS 10x10 donations
LIC ARTS 10x10 donation
Donation 10x10 LIC ARTS AUCTION
FlesH Totes Sketches
Oil Sketches, colored smoke bombs
Donations, LIC ARTS Auction 10x10
Manson Girls
Manson Girls
Twinkly Ken, LIC ARTS AUCTION 10x10
Diana, X Girls series, 18x24
Flesh Totes early oil sketch
Flesh Totes early oil sketch
The Dorchester 30x40in oil on panel
Flesh Totes in studio
X girls, 18x24 each
Twinnings, all five panels
Twinnings, The Beating
Detail, Occupied
Barbie, LIC ARTS Auction 10x10
Dirty Boy, oil on panel,14x10 in
Untitled, LIC ARTS Auction 10x10
Dual identities sketch
Manson Girls studies
Leslie, Manson Girls
I Really Like your Bag, 50x60in
Flesh Totes sketches
Brute and Brow, Oil on Panel
Susan, Manson Girls
Manson Girls
Studio wall of ideas
Various 10x10 panels donation to LIC ARTS
Donation: LIC 10x10 auction
Twinnings: center panel
Detail, "Occupied"
Twinnings, "washing of the Feet"
Detail, "Occupied"
Early sketch for "Flesh Totes"
Jackie X conte on paper 18x24